imageedit_2_9696015760Irena Kagasnky is the woman behind ThoughtChaos.  She is an articulate, thoughtful woman who makes her living with the written word.

Born in Moldova, then part of the USSR, she moved around a lot at a young age.  After time in Siberia, Cuba and Newfoundland, she finally landed in Burlington, Ontario Canada.

Ever since she was a small child, Irena has been an avid reader, writer and poet.  She continues this today both professional and personlly.  ThoughtChaos is her personal space on the web to publish her thoughts and important ideas.  You can also find her at IrenaKagansky.com and Medium, as well as other social media outlets.

Irena completed a degree from York University in English and Communicaiton Studies.  She has furthered her education with courses at various colleges around Toronto.  Since then she has used her communication and writing skills to bring light to various injustices, assist businesses and devloping new clients, and to make people rethink their positions and challenge assumptions.

Irena is fluent in four languages – English, Russian., Spanish and Romanian and brings the prespectives these provide to her writing.  She has extensively travelled throughout the world, and in particular Europe, and contines to expand her list of places visited.

Currnetly Irena lives in Burlington Ontario with her husband and young son.  She continues to communiate to the world from her outpost at the kitchen table.  Born with a disability, Irena has never let her crutches stand in her way.